Luxury Detox, Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

BALI:SVARGA LOKA RESORT August 19-24, 2016

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Restore Health & Vitality to your Body & Mind in Bali!

This 5 day Detox & Wellness Retreat is your chance to cleanse your life and build a new routine for optimal health, longevity and beauty! Embrace this opportunity of transformation as we explore how conscious nutrition, Yoga and meditation can all help you to improve energy, decrease stress & restore mental clarity.

Yoga, nutrition therapy, meditation, spa treatments and more are all organized for your complete satisfaction, and your "personalized treatment" means that you will learn specifically what your body and mind need to achieve greater overall health and well being. Although these days are powerful it will take more than one week to drastically change your life, that's why we focus on teaching you how to implement these practices and techniques into your own home to continue your life in a healthier way.

Meals and juices will be delicious and fulfilling while providing all needed benefits to help detoxify and renew your body and also teach you dietary and cleansing protocols to follow to improve the health of you and your loved ones. We will teach you techniques of Yoga to help clear to digestive system, organs and even the mind of unneeded clutter and pamper you with spa treatments, personalized therapies and luxurious surroundings.

Treat yourself, heal your body, calm the mind... Join us for this special program in beautiful Bali!


I was so overwhelmed by the power and love I regained in this amazing program! From sunrise till sunset, from movement of asanas to stillness in meditation, from friends to family, what I’ve learned and gained is totally unimaginable.



~Felicity L.

I felt completely safe and able to surrender completely to this loving experience. No words can really describe the depth of sensations and peace I felt.


~Chazelle O.

I think of these lessons all the time!  My life is changed and I've been brought so much light!


~Susana S.

I had a wonderful, inspiring time at our meditation retreat in Bali. A very caring, compassionate and genuine environment... amazing raw dessert too!



~Michelle M.


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Hosted in Ubud, directly where the two sacred rivers merge, sits the beautiful Svarga Loka Resort & Spa- a luxurious and sprawling property on the largest river in Ubud. Featuring stunning rooms, the Sanjiwani Restaurant, Ayusha Wellness Spa right on the water, two pools, and beautiful views the property captivates your senses and makes you wish for for more! Taking advantage of the artisans, traditional massage therapists, landscapes and the culture this will be an enlivening, beautiful and luxurious experience of relaxation and exploration!

Our goal is to empower you to continue the transformative process that can begin with our time together in Bali! We want you to be able to identify patterns, habits and even foods that may be poisoning your life and teach you what to do to make the best changes for your life specifically! Everyone's needs are different, and our personalized program will help you identify your exact needs and cater to them directly.

Nutrition is a key element in the health of our body, and we are going to do more than just feed you amazing foods! Our nutrition classes will teach you amazing science and importance behind particular nutrients, micro nutrients and anti nutrients to better your understanding of how to feed your body and brain for optimal health. You'll be able to take this knowledge and share it with your family and friends helping everyone to a better state of heath!

Yoga's primary function is relaxation- relax the body, relax the mind, and fall into the sweet state of your inner peace.  We teach a holistic Yoga method to encourage optimal strength and well being of the body and mind. Using a gentle approach to compliment the detox our classes take you on a journey of your body and mind leaving you feeling relaxed and vibrant at the end of each session.

Providing you with a personalized experience is an important factor us, so we will start our journey with a video conversation shortly after you sign up. We'll meet and discuss what you would like to gain from your time with us and identify any issues like physical pain or excessive stress that may be slowing you down in life and prepare appropriately to help you restore to an optimal state!



Helping you get to your most vibrant state is our ultimate goal and everything in our program is designed to help achieve that!

We'll be leading you through a gentle but effective detox that helps you begin an improved diet and lifestyle. Providing meals, juices, supplements, cleansing techniques and informative classes you'll have a strong head start to a healthy body and tools to keep you on that path.

Our Yoga movement flows will focus on cultivating a deeper body and mind awareness and to stimulate activity through your organs and overall body. It will also help you to find a more relaxed state of mind where we can implement meditative practices to heal the most important organ of the body - the mind. Complimenting the detoxing state these Yoga and breathing exercises will promote relaxation as we calm the nervous system and we'll teach you techniques to take home on how to continue to improve your overall health and maintain a clear, calm, stress-free mind.

Mid-days are dedicated to your personal therapy; from traditional Balinese massage to one-on-one therapy to nutritional workshops the day is all about you! Our Myofascial Release workshop will give you the tools to release old muscular tension patterns and energetic blockages that also cause emotional disturbance, and our Tibetan bowl meditation sessions will easily take you deeper into the inner state to naturally heal the body and mind through harmonic resonance & vibration. Exploring Bali you will walk through rice fields, visit an amazing work of geographic art in the form of terraced farmlands and visit the Holy Water Spring of Bali - Tirta Empul. In this temple just 25 minutes from the resort we will join local Balinese in ceremony to use the element of water to cleanse our body, focus our intention and provide us with an interactive moment of devotion to our own well being.

To end our days the group will gather to explore how these practices have affected our day and how we can relate this to our life and integrate the peacefulness into our daily life. We will work to uncover any thought patterns that might contribute to our stress and learn skills to remain in our most compassionate, understanding space. This is special time to learn, share and support one another on our path to self improvement and stronger inner peace. With the attentive support of certified therapists you will be personally guided through a beautiful journey of relaxation and restoration. Combining the beauty of Bali and its people with amazing sights and activities this will be a week of making great friends and creating wonderful memories!

We've designed an incredible interactive program unlike any other to immerse you in the joy of life.  It's nearly impossible to put the experience into words, but below you will find a list of highlights, and you can see our class descriptions here for the richness of our program. Please note that this Detox program follows a slightly different itinerary and begins at 8:00am.



  • Initial personal session (online) prior to arrival

  • 5 nights Luxurious accommodation & local transport for excursions 

  • All meals, juices & detox supplements

  • 2 daily Yoga movement & breath classes

  • Daily workshops & evening mindfulness session

  • Personalized therapeutic sessions

  • Daily mindfulness integration practice

  • Tibetan bowl meditations

  • Nutrition education

  • Stress relief / mind & body restoration

  • Myofascial Release Workshop

  • Two 60 Minute traditional Balinese massage

  • Onsite Spa Availability

  • Purification ritual at Tirta Empul holy water temple

  • Dynamic Pranayam sessions

  • Visit to Tegalalang rice terraces

  • The full availability of yoga therapists during your entire stay 7am-8pm

  • Airport and excursion transportation


We can help you arrange the best itinerary for your exploration of the most beautiful sites in Bali to explore before and after our retreat, just ask!