Alena Čandová is dedicated to all areas of her practice from asana & meditation to mindful contemplation and has become a "finder" amongst the seekers of life's truths. A sweet, compassionate leader and teacher Alena turns a physical practice into an enjoyable journey of learning more about the dynamic body and building stronger inner awareness.

As an RYT certified Yoga Teacher in multiple disciplines and a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist she brings over 1000 hours of teacher training experience from India and western schools to her classes incorporating studies of Mysore-Ashtanga, Sivananda, Interdisciplinary, and Vinyasa styles.  She also combines years of pre-doctorate studies of Chiropractics into her dynamic classes to open the door to a deeper understanding of our structural foundation and how it relates with optimal alignment and integratation off the mat.

Her journey into Yoga began in 2001 taking her on mind and heart opening travels around the world bringing her to India in 2004 for her first training of many to come. Practicing various methods of Yoga has given her the opportunity to work with a variety of masters and students ranging from physically challenging methods to gentle therapeutic and restorative styles.

Health and wellness have been a passion throughout Alena's entire life. Her experiences working as a Yoga therapist inspired her to explore deeper into the anatomy and physiology of the human body through the study of Chiropractics.  Incorporating all of her knowledge and experience she helps introduce more freedom, ease and understanding in both the physical and emotional aspects of her student’s lives.

Join her on an inner journey through movement and breath to cultivate more awareness of your true essence!


Lucas Harper is an RYT Holistic Therapist and a “Man of the Roots” linking the disciplines of both Yoga and shamanism. His path led him to a life changing moment of integration in 2010 while employing the phenomenal ways of the ancient west to induce a “mystical experience” of Self realization. Simultaneously utilizing the supreme articulation of ancient eastern philosophies & the mindful awareness practices of Yoga he was able to demystify and understand the reality of that experience and vividly perceive the true reality of life and all existence. Since then he has been able to remain with this awareness on the ever evolving path of living as the Self "actualized".

With a background in the arts the native Californian is skilled in thinking in a way that challenges the mind to re-evaluate beliefs & possibilities and open up to expansive experiences. Having studied various modalities, and in combination with a musical talent, Lucas leads integrative Jnana practices, teaches the science of meditation, and leads sound journeys & dynamic breathwork practices to help explore the Self beyond the body and mind.

Lucas' primary goal is to help people see beyond the “spiritual concepts” and directly observe the "reality of our existence”. Teaching from deeply integrated wisdom he is able to guide classes in a highly comprehensive manner offering profound knowledge, clarity and compassion. With a loving heart he has inspired and empowered many aspirants on the path to Self-realization and Self-actualization.